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Design Registration

10. 2021     Best Art Work Award. 2021 International Invited Fashion Exhibition

05. 2020   Best Poster. 2020 ICCT Online Conference

11. 2014       Best Paper. 2014 Autumn Conference of The Korean Society of Fashion Design. 

                   Seoul. Korea.

05. 2014    Best Paper. 2014 Spring Conference of The Korean Society of Costume. Seoul.


10. 2012     Winner. 2012 AOF Summer Masterclass in Paris. Arts of Fashion Foundation.
                   San Francisco. US.

11. 2010      Winner of the Second Prize. The 1st Ubiquitous Digital Fashion Design Contest.

                   The Korean Society for Clothing Industry. Korea.

11. 2009    Prize. The 27th Korea Fashion Contest. Korea Fashion Association. Korea.

11. 2009    Prize. The 3rd Busan International Fashion Illustration Contest. Korea.

09. 2013    Cup. The application number: 3007105210000.
The Korean Intellectual Property Office.

06. 2012    Cup. The application number: 3007105210000. 

                   The Korean Intellectual Property Office.

09. 2011     Scarf. The application number: 3006491980000.

                   The Korean Intellectual Property Office.

11. 2010      Scarf. The application number: 3005789290000.

                   The Korean Intellectual Property Office.

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