Dr Sun Young Choi



Fashion & Textile Design

Institute of Textiles & Clothing

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

+852 2766 6489 I sun-young.choi@polyu.edu.hk

The research interests lie in Aesthetics in Dress and linking it to diverse contexts, such as contemporary fashion phenomena, fashion in era.


More recently, the research interest has expanded to examine the ethnicity and religious influence in fashion aimed at identifying how the styles represent national characteristics, respectively.


PhD    Dept. of Textiles, Merchandising and Fashion Design: Aesthetics in Dress

            Seoul National University. Korea

M.A.    Fashion Design & Technology: Womenswear

            London College of Fashion (UAL). UK

M.S.     Dept. of Textiles, Merchandising and Fashion Design: Aesthetics in Dress

            Seoul National University. Korea

M.F.A.  College of Art & Design: Korean Painting

            Ewha Womans University. Korea

B.F.A.   College of Art & Design: Oriental Painting

            Ewha Womans University. Korea

Academic Positions held

2019-            External Researcher. Research Institution of Human Ecology
                       Seoul National University

2017-2019    Teaching Professor

                       Korea National Open University. Korea

2015-2017    Assistant Professor

                       Mongolia International University. Mongolia

2010-2019    Instructor

                       Seoul National University, Korea University, 
                       Chungnam University, Dankuk University, Gacheon University, 
                       Hannam University, Hansung University, Konkuk University,                                               
Sangmyoung University,  Sasada Fashion Institute, Suwon University,                           Yongin Songdam University. Korea


2018-2019   Collaborative Designer & Consultant on Art & Fashion Flatform                                      FIXXAT. Seoul. Korea

2015-2019    Designer on Global Design Team

                      JM Inspired Design Corporation. LA. US

2011-2012     Fashion Trend Reporter

                       Samsung Fashion Institute. Seoul. Korea

2011-2012     Market Trend Reporter   

                       PFIN (First view Korea). Seoul. Korea 

2011                Designer

                       Bellage London LTD. London. UK

2007-2010   CEO

                       Online Shopping Mall. CHOIRS. Seoul. Korea

2006-2007  CEO

                       Online Shopping Mall. DOHAVE. Seoul. Korea



ST 706 The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Tel +852 2766 6489

Email sun-young.choi@polyu.edu.hk

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